“Wine and Gastronomy”
A Catalog by Eberhard Buehler ©

EBERHARD BUEHLER, WINE BOOK COLLECTOR EXTRAORDINAIRE, joined the Wayward Tendrils in 1996. In our January 1998 WTNewsletter, he related his assorted travel “Adventures in Wine Book Collecting” (download pdf of article) to the membership. His interest in wine and its literature began in 1960, and for the next 20 years, he avidly collected an incredible library of books dealing with wine and its related categories. Beginning in 1996, Eberhard would sell his remarkable collection of wine and gastronomy books. He explains below the tragically sad reason he was doing so. But it is to the utmost good fortune of all wine book lovers that he so carefully, and masterfully, produced for us ten extraordinary sale catalogs. His bibliographic and historical annotations are unmatched, his memorable stories unequaled. It is with the greatest pleasure that the WT is able to present, and preserve for future research, these invaluable wine book references. They belong on your bibliographic shelf alongside Simon, Gabler, and other notables.
                                                                                                           –Gail Unzelman

“The books listed in the catalogs were drawn from the remains of my personal collection, assembled over a 20 year period before 1980, and subsequently subjected to extensive fire and water damage. Had it not been for the encouragement of fellow wine-book collectors, mostly members of Wayward Tendrils, these catalogs would not have seen the light of day. They gave me an option that was better than attempting to re-build the collection. I re-visited the books, reading many of them for the first time, and giving free rein to my bibliographic predilections. It turned out to be the easiest way to say goodbye to old books and hello to new friends.”
                                                                                                           –Eberhard Buehler

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Gail Unzelman, Editor & Publisher